“To Russell: …We thank you for looking out for our son. He thinks very highly of you.”


– J., A., and D.

“To Russell and Lori: …I wanted to thank you for providing some much needed calm in what turned out not to be a storm.”

– J.C.

“I was referred to Ms. Gerbig by a friend and I am so thankful I came to see her. She was very inviting and comforting. At my initial consultation, I felt like I was confiding in an old friend. She took the time to listen to my concerns and made me feel at ease about my case. She offered me knowledgeable advice and did not push me to retain her. I am relieved I solicited Ms. Gerbig for my legal problems.”

– J. D.

“Russell and Patrick were able, against all odds, to persevere in getting custody of my children back to me and in securing a fair financial statement that changed my life immensely for the future.”

– S. P.

“Today was a good day and I wanted to take a moment and thank my lawyer extraordinaire Brandon Hastings… I am very pleased with his performance, support, professionalism and determination he showed me. He was always so humble, tried to save me money where he could (not your typical lawyer that’s for sure), very quick to respond, made himself available constantly whenever I needed him. I could not have asked for a better attorney to be by my side during a very stressful and very difficult time. Brandon Hastings didn’t just care about me but he truly invested his time, energy and efforts to the reason I hired him as my lawyer in the first place. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone. Thanks for everything Brandon Hastings you were awesome! You will be my attorney for life but I hope I will not be needing you any time soon”

“Russell and Jovan worked tirelessly on my case, against an opponent who had the family finances behind her and their bill was very fair. Any settlement I obtained was due to their endeavors.”


– J. H.

“Russell and Jovan, along with the staff at Key Law dedicated time, effort, and funds to represent me in my legal challenges and promoted their philosophy that they will pursue all possible avenues to deal with any legal matters. Unfortunately, I was able to continue with my matter due to personal and financial difficulties. Nonetheless, I am forever grateful for the efforts provided by Key Law.”


– M.Z.

“Brandon is personable, knowledgeable, empathetic and thorough. During our initial consult, he took the time to understand my situation and was able to offer me a great deal of information, reassurance and insight. He has proactively followed up with me since then to provide clarification and feedback and I especially appreciate his willingness to work with me in a manner that keeps my legal expenses as low as possible, while still having access to his assistance if required. My matter isn’t resolved yet, but I feel more confident with how it will unfold, knowing that I have Brandon in my corner.”

“Brandon is a skilled, conscientious, and attentive attorney who assisted me in my divorce case. He was very professional and knowledgeable with regards to my situation. I highly recommend him.”

“Dear Russell,

At some point, I didn’t think this will ever some to an end but here I am, writing a thank you note for your tremendous work. Your wisdom and knowledge has kept this trial on track and finally saw it through. But what I am most grateful about is you making this personal… personal for me and all those involved. You understood the magnitude of emotional burden and you were the source of strength and steadfastness.”

– A. S.