New West Family Law

When legal issues arise among family, it’s easy to let emotions enter the mix and further complicate the proceedings. That’s why it’s so important to have a trustworthy New Westminster family lawyer. Our team is made up of detail-focused, experienced, and friendly law professionals that are prepared to take the time to understand your issue.


Some of our family law specialties include:


  • Matters of childhood guardianship
  • Separation proceedings
  • Property and asset evaluation and division
  • Marriage or cohabitation agreements
  • Spousal support
  • Legal advice and representation


Operating out of beautiful New Westminster, the family law experts at Key Law have decades of experience in resolving legal issues within families. Legal problems can be financially and emotionally difficult, which is why having an experienced lawyer that’s committed to representing you fairly can make all the difference. Our lawyers have years of experience in complex, multi-faceted legal situations, making them the best choice for your New Westminster family law practitioner.

The Key Law Advantage


  • Personal, customized legal help
  • Friendly, reliable, and confidential legal services
  • Strategic and comprehensive solutions to legal issues or disputes
  • Results-oriented, cost-effective approach
  • Productive content of client files, getting your issues resolved sooner

Our New Westminster family lawyers are not just experienced in the courtroom. Through mediation, collaborative separation discussion, and alternative dispute resolution, Key Law can help you arrive at solutions in a private and constructive manner. This method of dispute resolution saves you the time, money, and emotional strain of going to court against a family member.


As your full-service New Westminster family law firm, Key Law is committed to taking the time to understand your situation, and offer legal counsel and guidance to arrive at collaborative, meaningful, and realistic solutions. Whether you’re looking at separation options or need help with complex asset division, the depth of knowledge and experience at Key Law Family & Divorce Lawyers is sure to help you find a solution that works for you, not just for the courts. Make Key Law your first choice for a New Westminster family lawyer, and see the difference that using the professionals makes.