Cost of Legal Services

“If we lower the legal cost for our clients, we’ll give an opportunity for them to achieve the best
outcomes with the least amount of stress,”
says Russell S. Tretiak Q.C.

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You can rely on the breadth and depth of the Key Law team to deliver a strategic approach that draws on the accumulated knowledge and experience of the entire firm. Our team approach maximizes the most comprehensive, effective, and cost conscious outcome to each unique circumstance by adapting and implementing specific company policies and practices.


To facilitate this results-orientated cost-effective approach, Key Law draws upon the best practices of the barrister/solicitor system which developed in Great Britain hundreds of years ago and is still in use in England today. In contrast to Canada, where lawyers are designated as both a barrister and solicitor upon the completion of their law degree, lawyers in England must choose to become either a barrister or solicitor. A barrister attends court appearances, while a solicitor drafts and prepares material to assist the barrister in court pleadings. We use, as much as possible, solicitors to prepare any necessary documents and mostly use senior courtroom lawyers to appear before courts for you. This is generally cheaper than using barristers throughout who are traditionally the most senior, and therefore expensive members of our firm. This means that there is more productive conduct of your file, lessening delays.


This cost-effective method allows less senior lawyers and professional staff, under the direction of senior lawyer, prepare court work and agreements at significantly lower rates than those for senior lawyers.


At Key Law when Mr. Russell S. Tretiak, Q.C., or other lawyers are retained, they direct staff to have day-to-day conduct of files with their input as to case theory and conduct in court. This system allows Key Law to offer premium services at an economic rate to clients.


Mr. Tretiak is well known for his court successes and in synergy with his team’s expertise, clients benefit from the best of both worlds.


It is important to Key Law that our legal team resolves your family matters while minimizing the financial and emotional impact on you and your family. We believe this process allows us to be quicker and less expensive than our competition.

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