We understand your time is valuable, and we want to ensure we use our time together as efficiently as possible. To familiarize you with our processes at this office, we have provided a brief overview of what to expect when you first visit our office.

Conflict of Interest Check:

Before we proceed with your matter, we must ensure there is no conflict of interest in your case with respect to the other party you are dealing with. This is done after you contact our office for an initial consult. Unfortunately, if we have formed a relationship with the other party by speaking to them or being retained by them, we cannot represent you. Once this initial step in our checklist is complete, we can continue in our proceeding with you.


We want to get to know as much as we can about your matter. Please ensure you complete our initial consult information sheet upon arrival at our office. Consults are usually scheduled as hour appointments. Having you complete an information sheet for all the basic and necessary facts, allows us to utilize our time to discuss the legal procedures relevant to your matter. It is helpful for you to bring any relevant court orders or pleadings relevant to your case.

Moving Forward:

We take time and effort in understanding your case and your proposed resolutions. We want to make sure you understand all the possible routes available to you in your proceeding. We will guide you through these avenues, educate you on the process, and allow you to make the informed decisions along the way in our efforts to bring your matter to the best possible resolution.


We will always discuss the options available to you, which include but are not limited to litigation, and alternative dispute resolutions such as negotiations, separation agreements, mediation, arbitration, and collaborative family law.


In mediation, both parties and their lawyers sit down with a mediator in aim to resolve the issues at hand with the focus of meeting everyone’s needs. In contrast to a court proceeding where a judge has control of the outcomes, mediation participants are able to work through and find the best and even non-conventional solutions that best suit their needs. We use six of our trained and experienced mediators.


An arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution which is similar to a court proceeding, but is less formal and often much quicker than going to court. We use retired judges and senior practitioners for arbitration.


Collaborative family law encourages parties and their lawyers to work together to come to a solution by having them sign an agreement to do so. The lawyers are hired to reach a settlement without having to attend court. In the situation the collaborative process does not work, the lawyers will withdraw from the case and be replaced with new lawyers.


We realize that in some circumstances the appropriate resolution requires attendance at court. It may be the only way to protect your children, assets, and your rights. We want you to feel confident that you are not alone in this daunting process. At Key Law, we have extensive experience in chambers, trial, and court of appeal appearances representing BC residents. We are known for our professionalism and dedication in each step of the way to resolving our client’s issues. We are prepared in every avenue we take.

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