The decision to close a chapter in your life that you may have never envisioned is arguably one of life’s most emotionally demanding experiences. Whether you are dealing with the breakdown of a marriage, common-law arrangement, with or without children and assets, we understand each divorce proceeding has its unique complexities. Having dealt with over 3,500 family law cases, you can be confident your matter will be handled with experience and professionalism. Our divorce lawyers have been very successful in solving separation and divorce cases including appeals.


At Key Law we are mindful of the options available in separation and divorce proceedings. We help you explore these options while informing you of the benefits and limitations of each in our efforts to guide you through the legal intricacies of the separation and divorce processes in British Columbia. Our goal is to guide you through your separation or divorce process preserving and protecting what is most important to you.


We endeavor to settle files where possible to your benefit.. To that end our lawyers often accompany clients to mediation or consult with clients before and during the mediation process if the clients prefer to attend mediation without counsel present. They draft Separation Agreements and also meet with clients to review Separation Agreements drafted by Mediators or other lawyers.


To be legally divorced, you must apply to the Supreme Court of British Columbia. There are specific criteria an applicant must meet to satisfy the court for a divorce. In Canada, parties must have been separated for a year or if the marriage involves abuse or adultery.


You may, without your spouse’s permission, visit a lawyer or sign any documentation, and start living separately. In some circumstances, you may be considered separated even while sharing AUGUST 2018 Page 36 the same residence. A professional separation agreement, drafted by a lawyer, will set out your rights such as child custody, child access, property, debts, and child and spousal support. This separation agreement is enforceable in the courts.


There are many factors to consider in applying for a divorce and the team at Key Law is available to consult whether you are in a preliminary stage of exploring separation, find yourself declared separated from your partner or are pursuing an uncontested or contested divorce. The earliest you seek information on the many elements that may come into play, the better informed you will be to make the best decisions in your case.


Our overriding aim is to help you close this chapter in your life and lay the foundation for your bright future ahead.

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    Which method is for me?


    Depending on the dynamic and cooperation level of all parties, one method of resolution may be obvious. Key Law does what’s necessary to get you the best result and to the finish line as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

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