At Key Law, we will work together to assist you in managing and protecting your assets including your home, debts, properties, and even pets. Our lawyers will work with you to explore all avenues and issues relating to asset division in your unique circumstances including the validity of any prenuptial agreements.


We want to protect your equitable interests in your matrimonial home, and we will help guide you through the processes of property division after separation or divorce. In addition to your residential real estate, family assets also include, but are not limited to, cash, investments, pensions, company ownership and earnings. Other incomes such as disability benefits are also considered by the court with respect to property division.


Debt is an inevitable part of most family law matters. The debt that has accumulated during the relationship is dealt with at the end of cohabitating relationships. You can count on the lawyers at Key Law to help investigate and advise on your family debt. Family debt often refers to loans from family members, mortgages, bank lines of credits or over drafts, repair costs, income tax, and credit cards. We can refer you to debt counsellors to assist your transition through this as well as investment counsellors to assist you in managing proceeds of division.


The BC Family Law Act provides authority for applicants to go to court to obtain liquid assets, which otherwise would not be accessible. Specifically, section 89 provides for interim distributions of family property to fund for family dispute resolutions, all or part of a proceeding under the family law act, or to obtain information or evidence in support of family dispute resolution or an application to the court.


Pets in the eyes of the law are considered personal property. We understand the importance and value of our furry friends, and dealing with their ownership after separation can be emotionally demanding. We will support you and help you make informed and rational decisions about your pets. In the case that parties cannot come to an agreement with respect to pets, the court can make orders regarding the pets.


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