We recognize children are the most vulnerable members of a family and divorce proceedings can have profound impact on them. At Key Law, we always have the best interests of your children at mind and are committed to placing them in the best most positive situations. Our goal is to protect your children and the relationships they have with each party. We aim to create parenting arrangements that best suit your children’s needs and equip them to thrive. We can refer your family to specialists to assist you in this process, and to insulate your children from the negative effects of divorce and separation.

Guardianship, parenting time and responsibilities, and child custody are key areas that we can professionally assist you in. In BC, the court considers the best interests of the child when making decisions about guardianship and parenting time. This includes weighing several factors such as the relationships the child has with each parent, the physical and psychological health of the child, and the effect the proposed parenting arrangement will have on the child. Other factors which may be relevant to family access issues are family violence and moving with children.

We are well rehearsed in the process of obtaining Custody and Access reports with respect to your children, also referred to as Section 211 reports. Custody and Access reports are authored by professional psychologists who, after examining the family dynamic and the childrens’ relationship with each parent, provide their professional opinion as to what the best parenting arrangements are for the children.

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