We have lawyers with 42, 22, 12 and 4 years of experience in family law. It is important to us that we have input of senior counsel with decades of experience. Equally important is the input from young lawyers fresh out of law school who have a different interpretation of legal issues and ideas.

As a full-service family law firm, we offer resolutions to your matters relating to separation and divorce, safe guarding property and assets, marriage and cohabitation agreements, guardianship and other child matters, and other legal advice.

Separation & Divorce

When plans for your future take you into the unknown, we can assist you in unlocking doors to face your fears to move on with your life.

Child Matters & Child Support

We guide you in making decisions in the best interest of you and your children, for the most vulnerable members of your family.

Safeguarding Property & Assets

We recognize the effort involved in gathering assets and property of value to you and we are here to help you manage the process of protecting your financial well-being.

Spousal Support

We can help you simplify the complex considerations in spousal support such as entitlement, amount, duration, and self-sufficiency.

Marriage & Cohabitation Agreements

Dealing with the intricacies involved when two people live together can be complex and our experience handling diverse relationships is helpful as you move forward.

Legal Advice

Getting legal advice from a lawyer experienced in family law is essential in navigating the many pathways to resolve separation, divorce, protection, adoption, and other family law issues.

Family law is both complex and emotionally challenging. Getting information early can help.
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