Your Family Matters with Key Law

At Key Law, we take the time to listen and understand your individual concerns. As experts in family law we have experience in resolving thousands of cases like yours. We aim to make you comfortable and relieved in knowing we will handle your case professionally, effectively, expeditiously, compassionately, and if possible, economically. We appreciate that no two cases are alike. We take the time and give our undivided attention to address all of your questions and concerns to help you reach your goals.


Established Lower Mainland Divorce Lawyers & Family Lawyers

The majority of cases are resolved before trial using alternate means that are sensitive to our clients’ needs. Our lawyers formulate the most appropriate and effective methods to resolving your issues by taking into consideration the uniqueness of each case. We use mediation, arbitration, and summary judgment processes, as well as conventional legal processes in an effort to expedite solutions and save you money.


Experienced with the Largest Group of Family Lawyers in BC

Key Law is part of one of the biggest groups of family law lawyers in B.C., which allows Key Law to offer exceptional leverage to ensure all the resources are in place for all of your family law requirements.


Family Law is Key Law’s Exclusive Focus

We have experience in our use of the barrister and solicitor model which expedites the overall resolution process. With our comprehensive approach and wealth of experience, each case is considered in both a cost-effective and efficient manner each step of the way. We practice family law exclusively.

Empowerment of Women

Although we act for both men and women, at Key Law we recognize that women are often disproportionately disadvantaged in accessing the justice system. We appreciate that access to legal services in family law is the most important area of need for women due to this disadvantage. The complexities that come out of the breakdown of a family often leaves women fragile and hesitant to share their experiences. Our lawyers recognize the importance in having the ability to view situations through a cultural and gendered lens to effectively navigate women and families through the complexities of the family law system. We take pride in having female lawyers and professional staff from differing backgrounds who are able to understand, relate and sympathize with each client’s unique concerns and goals. Our lawyers are patient and cautious active listeners who have sensitized ears to make space for each client’s personal story.


At Key Law we take pride in providing women the empowerment they need during and after their family law proceedings. We are privileged to be a part of the continuing solution for the overall disadvantage women face in the legal arena.


Over half of our professional and support staff are female.

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At Key Law, we have specifically built our practice to reflect British Columbia’s growing cultural diversity. We understand the impact and importance of cultural values in family matters and proceedings. Having lawyers and professional staff fluent in multiple languages, coming from various ethnic backgrounds, and having lived in countries all over the world, enables our firm as a team help navigate our clients through the complex legal processes involved in family law proceedings. Our differing life experiences and values provide a layer of sensitivity to all of our clients’ concerns which ultimately allows us to effectively communicate and provide clients the best advice and procedures with respect to their proceedings.

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